When’s the last time you had a kiwi?

I ordered a batch of TLC Cotton Plus to make a few projects, mostly Lacy Shell Ponchos for the daughters of friends. If you haven’t seen Chelle’s pattern, it’s a great capelet pattern for little girls. You can find it here – Luv 2 Crochet. Right now I’m making this one in Kiwi. I’m not normally a fan on light greens, but this Kiwi is awfully pretty. I was so excited to hear that this particular little girl prefers green over pink. My house is overrun with pink and I know it will only get worse as the warmer months come. I’ve managed to get Laura to wear a few denim things this winter, but it will be back to all sundresses all the time this summer. Here’s the poncho in progress –

I leave you with an interesting theory, for those of you who love watching movies. My history professor brought this up in class last week – if you have a theory about something in a movie, you need to find direct evidence somewhere in the movie to back up your theory. The direct evidence could be a line said or it could be visual – a particular scene. We were discussing John Ford’s The Searchers last week and some of the group started inferring things from the movie that weren’t really there, despite us returning home to search for support in the movie. So, I’m determined to test this. My husband argues that the mysterious glowing briefcase in Pulp Fiction is Marcellus Wallace’s soul. I’m not sure what the glow is, but we discussed in my other film class that it’s Tarantino’s homage to Kiss Me Deadly and other film noirs, which makes me a little unsure of this whole soul theory. What do you think?


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