I promise I’m not a nerd

I found out today that I’ve been nominated for the National Dean’s List. You can read about it here. I’ve never been an overachiever (much closer to an underachiever), but since I’ve gone back to college to finish my degree, I’m definitely more focused. The bad part is that this is going to give Andy more ammunition as to why I should go on to graduate school. I’m ready to devote my free time exclusively to crochet because my mind is full of possible designs and they’re waiting patiently for me to be done with classes so that they can find life in yarn.

I blocked a doily last night and packaged it up before taking a picture!! It was my first attempt at blocking and I’m shocked at how easy it really is. *sigh* This means that I’m going to have to try dyeing yarn soon because I’ve heard how easy it is and haven’t tried it.

My new Michael’s opened up last weekend and Laura went with me. Never take a five year old that loves for you to make stuff for her with you to a yarn department. I ended up buying two balls of Bernat Bling Bling for HER and a bunch of white and pink yarn to make her a bathrobe and slipper set. The best part is when I came home with a ginormous bag of yarn, I could blame it on Laura and not my yarn acquisition. The bad part is that I promised Andy that I wouldn’t buy any more yarn until we moved. He doesn’t want to load boxes of yarn into the moving van.

Here’s the Bling Bling –

And just because she’s a cutie, here’s a pic of Maddie –

Her favorite pair of boots are her sister’s and a size 11. They make her little size 8 feet look huge!


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