WIPs and Fests

I missed last Wednesday and I’ve got a few hours left tonight to technically make it on time.

– Right now, in between every sentence or two (I take multitasking to the extreme!), I’m making two fun fur scrunchies to accompany a poncho to my best friend’s daughter. Every time I plan on sending the poncho, I think of something else to make for her girls.

– Another Lacy Shell Poncho for my daughter’s best friend. She recently moved from Vegas to Houston and is very anxious for Laura to get there. You wouldn’t believe the plans they’ve made!

– My doily is in need of being finished. It will be beautiful when it’s finished.

– Butterfly shawl for my mom. It’s a good think it’s cotton because at the rate I’m working on it, it’ll be done this summer.

– There are others, but these are on the hooks at this moment.

Fiber Fest

Remember me mentioning the fiber fest? I did see a spinning demonstration, but overall it was the teeniest fest I’ve ever visited in my life. I let Andy and the Madster stay in the car while Laura and I walked through. Laura picked out a crocheted outfit for one of her Barbies and we left. The day was saved by a trip to the winery, also located in town. I picked up a bottle of Merlot and White Merlot. I know, really original, but I love Merlot!

I leave you with a picture of my mom and my very adorable dog, Hoover. Hoover couldn’t make the trip to Vegas because we don’t have a yard for him to play in so he lives with my mom now. According to Laura, my mom is not a grandma, she is a Mimi (her grandma name). Mimis are not grandmas.


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