Tonight I’m sitting here researching campaign finance laws and watching Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett, directed by Sam Pekinpah. It doesn’t quite have the power of The Wild Bunch, but it’s interesting so far. I’m glad that we’ve moved into more modern films but I’m finding myself Tivo’ing a lot of the older ones that we talked about in class, but weren’t required to watch, like Duel in the Sun. Hmm… Young Guns II is almost a remake of this Billy the Kid movie.

I’ve started to work on a new purse for myself, the bamboo handle purse from Hooked on Crochet by Candi Jensen. I managed to finish one half while watching a few episodes of the first season of Deadwood. I can’t wait to pick out material for lining. I’m a terrible seamstress, but as long as it’s something like a purse lining or a pillow, I can get by.

I’m in the mood to make a few washcloths. The Spring Patternworks catalog came in the mail today and I’m thinking about ordering some cotton chenille. I think a few chenille washcloths would make my mom a nice Mother’s Day present. She’s getting a shawl too. Her main Mother’s Day present is going to be that he granddaughters are going to be living at her house for the summer, along with their parents, but we’re not nearly as exciting as her two girls. šŸ™‚


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