Note to self: When potty training, do not let bare-bummed child climb around behind you in the computer chair. Bad idea. Really, really bad idea.

This is half of my bamboo purse in progress. I love this pattern stitch! I think it would make a good cardigan pattern. One day I will venture into clothing…. I’m making this one in TLC Cotton Plus, my new favorite yarn for summer projects. I was gifted with three skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic (from SamplerLady for my extra copy of Pride & Prejudice) that I’m going to use for my next version of this purse. I wanted to make sure I like the purse before using the extra pretty yarn.

That brings me to . (Isn’t Deb’s button the coolest??)

Projects on the hook

(1) Bamboo handle purse – I hope to finish this and take it with me to class on Friday.

(2) Poncho for my poncho swap parter. Just in case she’s reading, her name’s Donna and she’s not a tomato. 🙂

(3) Butterfly shawl for my mom. This is going to be her Mother’s Day present because I can’t seem to get it finished faster.

(4) Chelle’s lacy poncho for Laura’s best friend. L has demanded it go out to her this week. She has no clue as to how much I procrastinate!!

(5) I’m in the progress of deciding on a secret project for someone who has been overwhelmingly sweet to me.

On the back burner

(1) My socks! I need to get these finished sometime soon! (I just found them lost in the yarn stash)

(2) Bobble pillow for my mother-in-law. She’s having hip replacement surgery this summer so she’ll be needing this. Projected finish date – June

(3) Moroccan Tiles afghan – My two squares are lonely.

(4) Rectangle afghan for my cousin – After I finish my purse, this is going to be my evening movie watching project until it’s finished.


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