Mysterious lack of headaches today

I was cleaning out a junk box (aka decorative chest once gracing my coffee table) yesterday evening and found pictures of me in a past hairstyle and I reminisced over how much I loved that cut. So, today I went from this –

to this –

I got about 4-5 inches cut off, which included an old coloring I did (nasty!). I feel so free and freakin’ pale. Ahh, summer and Mom’s pool (and the appropriate sunscreen), you are only two months away.

Andy and I just finished watching the season premiere of Deadwood. You’d think that with having to watch westerns every week I would choose to stay away from voluntarily watching westerns. No, I seem to be hooked and I’m not too happy about it. I mean, I’m a girl, I’m not supposed to love watching westerns almost exclusively. I’ve never been one for romantic comedies, but still, this is bothering me. On top of that, guess what we’re doing on our upcoming spring break??? Driving to Tuscon to catch a spring training game, visit Old Tuscon, and visit Tombstone. And it was all my idea! I think I’m going right now to watch something girlie and do a little crocheting….in pink.

Archive Warning: I’ve rearranged pictures in my photo album as I’m getting a gallery set up, so if you find pictures missing, they’ll be fixed shortly.


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