Questions. :)

Questions for Kari 🙂

(1) How old were you when you first learned to play an instrument?

(2) When you leave the house, what do you take with you for your little one?

(3) Is there one movie that you can watch so many times that you know all of the words?

(4) If they ever make a movie version of The Hobbit, (1) who should direct it, and (2) who would be your ideal Bilbo?

(5) You’ve been given a free vacation to Las Vegas. What places would you like to see the most, or have souveniers from???

Questions for Rebecca! 🙂

(1) What is your favorite summertime activity??

(2) When you had your munchkins, did you want to find out their sex or did you wait to find out when they were born?

(3) Do you like camping? If so, do you take everything or do you “rough it”?

(4) If you had the option to live anywhere in the US, where would you live?

(5) If you could run a yarn shop, what would it be like?


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