I have no crochet news to report outside of the fact that I finished my Crochet me submissions on time and now I wait to see if they’re accepted. I now have the rest of the week to meet my self-imposed deadline of finishing my swap partner’s poncho and getting it in the mail. She asked for a poncho in pink, grey, or red and I went with pink.

My copy of Nancie Wiseman’s Crochet with Wire arrived a few weeks ago and my order of supplies arrived on Saturday. My first project is the Off the Cuff bracelet. I can’t wait to get started! I can see myself becoming hooked on making jewelry. I say that without having attempted to crochet with wire once in my entire life so I’m not completely convinced of my sanity in writing such a statement.

The girls and I baked cookies (Oatmeal scotchies) and painted toes tonight. I was cleaning out my nail polish supply and thought that 20 teeny toes could use some color. Laura has a nailbiting problem and if I keep her toes painted, her big toe is much happier with me. Here are the toes –

Maddie’s toes

Laura’s toes (and a teddy bear)

Now I have a big question for all of you. I’m writing a policy paper on the revitalizaton and development of downtown areas. As part of my paper, I need to research the opinion of others on this issue and I couldn’t think of better people to ask than you!

How do you feel about the economic development of downtown areas, both urban and rural? Are underdeveloped downtown areas a societal problem?

After I get a few responses, I’ll post my response to the issue. Your opinions may be used in my research paper, as generalizations (no direct quotes), but before I use them, I will contact you for permission. Thank you in advance for your help!


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