Today is my blogiversary. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for a year now! Thank you to you all who visit and read my sometimes pointless entries. I look forward to writing for many more years!

What about a little contest in honor of my blogiversary? It’s sort of a de-stashing contest (very very important – the moving boxes have arrived and I’m giving myself one box for yarn), so there will be two winners.

First, a Las Vegas question – Before Celine Dion and the Colosseum, what entertainment venue could you find at Caesar’s Palace (not in the lounge – you did have to buy tickets for this)? A prize goes to the first person to comment with the right answer.

Second question – One of the actors (or actresses) in the BBC version of The Office was in the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. What is this person’s name and the character he/she played in P & P?? For an extra bonus, can you name the actor/actress from The Office that appeared in Shaun of the Dead?? The first person to answer gets a prize. If you can answer both, you get a bonus prize. 🙂


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