Vegas Baby!

Pop Quiz before I name the winners of my blogiversary prizes – Can you name this mega hotel/casino??

No prize this time – okay maybe. 😉 I’m in the mood to downsize my crap stash because I don’t want to move it! We were driving with a purpose Sunday afternoon and while stuck in traffic on a major street (naming it would give you a clue :P), I decided to take a few pictures. Laura took a few too but her pictures of the back of my head aren’t quite as entertaining. We were timing the drive from our graduation lunch location to the school so that I could include it with the map I’m sending to the hordes of family attending.

Congratulations to Andrea and Deneen for winning my blogiversary prize. I was looking for Caesar’s Magical Empire for the Vegas question and Deneen was the closest. 🙂 We saw the show for our 2nd anniversary and I was sad to see it leave. It was quite an experience and kid friendly.

I need a bit of crochet help! I’m making this washcloth using the seed stitch –

See how it’s curling inward? Doing an sc border should take care of this, right??? by the way, I love this stitch. I made this in about 30 minutes while watching The Punisher last night.


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