First, before I forget, the picture I posted was of the Bellagio (congrats to Empress Busy Bee for getting it right!!). If I’d taken a picture of it’s neighbor, Caesar’s Palace, it would have been too easy to guess. šŸ™‚

I’ve been making dishcloths like crazy since last week because I was feeling a crochet rut coming on. I hate having projects all over my house and not one of them looks as if it will be complete any time soon. The best thing to do in that situation is to make a bunch of quick projects. There is nothing quite like feeling accomplished. Not to sound snarky, but seeing completed projects posted right and left makes me ill. I’m not a slow crocheter, but I don’t have the time to devote hours in a day to crocheting. The last six weeks of classes are hell because there are papers due and time becomes very scarce. I don’t want to write a paper comparing Evan S. Connell’s Son of the Morning Star to the miniseries of the same name and I’m not particularly looking forward to writing a paper comparing the westerns of Clint Eastwood to those of Kevin Costner. I am rather enjoying writing my paper on economic development policy, but I’d rather do something else. On the upside, my life isn’t quite as much of a hell as my husband’s is right now. He’s writing a huge paper on Equal Protection in prisons. BUT, the end is near and I can taste it. This idea that I have for my Summer Scarf swap partner’s scarf I might have to make me a version to wear at graduation.

Now on to

Currently Making

At the top of my list is this cute little doily or pillow in progress –

The pattern is from Crochet me. You can find this funky doily in the Oct/Nov 2004 issue.

I’m slowly making progress on my Patti K doily. I’ve got about 20 more rows to go.

I’m procrastinating and not working on my cousin’s rectangle ghan. It was supposed to be my movie watching project, but I keep picking up some other project instead.

There’s a new version of my bucket hat sitting all pretty in my tote bag. It’s going to be cute!

I need to get the lining in my bamboo handle purse so that I can use it and not stare at it!!!

Although I know there are others lurking around my house, haunting my dreams, those are the only ones I will acknowledge on this night.

Just to add fuel to my neglected projects’ hatred of me, I received this beauty of a pattern book in the mail with my Crazy Cotton (see above doily) –

I see many possibilities for the summer!


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