S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night

Do you ever get that song stuck in your head after seeing the Planter’s commercial??

I’ve been browsing through Connect looking for new songs to download. I listen to alternative country more than any other genre. I grew up on the good old school country (Willie, Waylon, Johnny, etc.) thanks to spending my formative years in tin roofed dance halls on Saturday nights with the family. The dance floors were always filled with adults and kids. I think my uncles had me on the dance floor as soon as I could walk and I know I’ve done the Cotton-eyed Joe so many times that I could do it without the music. Back to tonight’s music. 🙂 I give the new stuff a chance, but most of it hurts my ears (Toby Keith is the MAN. No matter how much I try to deny it, I can’t quit listening. I can’t stand Kenny Chesney, but it’s not his fault. He reminds me of an ex.). SOOO… If this post is pages and pages long, it’s because it’s late, husband’s out writing a paper, and I’ve got a glass of cranberry juice and homemade vodka (Not by me, I am not that talented and I only have a drink once in a blue moon. It’s an award winning brew from Texas, of course.) at my side.

My downloaded songs for tonight are 4th of July by Scooter Jennings, the son of the late Waylon. I am heading to the store to buy his CD tomorrow. The songs I’ve heard so far ROCK. Next, I downloaded Velvet Sky by Los Lonely Boys. I want their CD too and will get it if I can get away with it. Finally, I downloaded Honkeytonk U by Toby Keith (see? I told you I had a problem!). I probably should have checked to see which album it’s on because I have his Greatest Hits Vol. 2 lying around somewhere. I bought it for my stepdad for Christmas, but I bought it too early and forgot so I bought him something else instead. Now, it’s MINE. Andy says I did it on purpose so that I could keep the CD. If I had, I probably would have opened it by now.

I started work on an original design last night using some ribbon yarn given to me by a wonderful person as thanks for helping her out. After the secret pals, I will reveal her, but for now, her identity must be kept secret. I stashed the girls’ closet with summer clothes yesterday during my three-hour break between classes and one particular item for Laura inspired me. I haven’t worked on much else this weekend.

Now I should think about heading to bed. Head over to Crochet me and check out the new issue! I have two (girls and boys bath sets) but they are definitely not nearly as nice as the rest of the patterns.


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