Are you sure it’s not Tuesday?

I’ve been acting as if today was Tuesday all day today! Yesterday was Sunday, which makes today Monday, right??

I’m beginning to panic that I’m not going to get the house packed up in time. I am an expert procrastinator and I’ve been trying to change my ways lately. My goal this weekend was to have everything I don’t need in my closet packed. By Sunday night I had one box packed, but I organized my pictures and keepsakes plus put together a photo album of our life in Vegas to pass around at our graduation party. There won’t be any scrapbooking done by me. I hate cutting things, especially paper. Scissors are not made for the left-handed.

Speaking of our graduation party, I just found out that all of my siblings are coming and I think all of Andy’s brothers are coming. This means that we’ll be taking pictures of the girls with their six uncles and one aunt who range in age from six years to 38. šŸ™‚

I started a baby blanket for my cousin last night. Her baby shower is at the end of April in Houston so I’m planning on getting it done and in the mail for her to open at the shower. This is going to be my grandparents’ fifth great-grandchild and not one of them is (or will be) a boy. Having grown up with nothing but brothers for such a long time, it’s been wonderful to be surrounded by pink. I do have a future tomboy on my hands though. Maddie had a newfound love of burping. She burps all the time! We’ve had talks about being polite, etc, etc, but she doesn’t care. She is a “terrible two” and proud of it.

I can’t take a picture of the baby blanket because the girls are having a special “slumber party” night, sleeping on the sofa bed, but I can share pictures of the girls.

The cowgirl

The horse thief

Maddie wouldn’t come out of the cage! She thought it was fun. I’m not sure I should worry now or later…


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