I don’t think this is the kind of task that I’m going to do right now

We’re watching this week’s episode of The Office. We were just discussing how it’s not quite up to par with the BBC version when a line comes along that was just hilarious! Now back to the point of this blog entry. I just finished my paper on Custer and the Battle of the Little Bighorn! Woot! I hate writing papers at the last minute and I can’t believe I let myself do it again. I can blame it on potty training or on the fact that I was weening myself off of caffeine this week and my brain was mush because of it. You think I could include that as a post script to my professor?

Okay, I missed doing my WIP Wednesday post, but I will share with you tonight the “Superstar” star blanket I’m making for my cousin’s future little girl. I’m using Bernat Cotton Tots in Strawberry and Very Berry. Please excuse the horrible picture. It was too late to completely clear the table of law textbooks and coloring books.

I’m also working on a few more seed stitch dishcloths, my design project, and my funky doily. I’ve got a few ideas and the yarn picked out for my summer scarf swap, but I haven’t decided on a pattern. That will definitely be on the agenda tomorrow. I think I might go join Andy in watching last week’s Deadwood and then head to bed. Have a wonderful weekend!


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