Random thoughts

Should I be worried when I lack the motivation to study for my quiz on motivation in the classroom??

Roger Clemens is worth every penny of his salary this year. Not only did he win the game, but for the second year in a row, he started off the season with a hit (plus 2 RBI’s tonight). He rocks!

Never giggle at midnight. You get painful hiccups and your husband might call you a dork.

Kids pay attention to what you order them in a restaurant, even if they are two and like to pretend like they’re ignoring you. I ordered Maddie a grilled cheese this afternoon but accidentally gave her Laura’s corn dog when the order came. Maddie told me, “No ‘ot gog, Mommy! Cheese!” as she handed her plate to Laura.

The latest veiled threats by politicians towards the judicial system has me so angry that I’m breaking my self-imposed policy of avoiding political issues. Part of the reason our government and way of life in this country has been so stable over the course of its existence is because of these three little words – “separation of powers”. Okay, back to my political moratorium. 🙂

I still have the hiccups. Can you crochet with the hiccups?

I crocheted before my history class today and no one commented on it. Everyone was quiet until I put it away and then we all chatted. Strange. (We gather outside class in the 10-15 minutes before it starts.)

My conversation with my mom tonight:

me: Hey Mom, do you get the DIY Network?

Mom: No

me: Really? And you have digital cable? I’m telling you, satellite is better.

…phone call a few hours later…

Mom: We do have DIY! It’s on 211. I never make it to the 200’s. Do you know how many Disney channels there are now?

me: You never watch anything above 13 do you?

Mom: Yes I do! I watch channel 33 (UPN) all the time.

I swear she gets digital cable just because it’s a better reception.


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