Motifs aren’t evil

Tonight was the first time that I attempted a motif. I’ve made squares, but anything teeny and I pretend as if my eyes never crossed its path. That was before I was drawn to this book. I want to make the top on the cover for my mom. I decided to play around with the motifs tonight and before an hour had passed, I had five joined with the ends woven in. These little cuties will become a scarf from my summer scarf swap partner.

Unless I freak out after making many, many more for her scarf, I plan on making one for my graduation present to myself. A lot of UNLV grads wear leis and such, but I want my graduation gown to be graced with one of my creations. You know what’s really cool? When I was technically supposed to graduate six years ago I bought my cap and gown and I get to wear it for this graduation. Being that Andy’s law school robes are going to run us over $50, it’s a nice break.

We took the girls to the Strip this afternoon to snap a few pictures before we leave town for good. Why we decided to go on a Saturday when I know I’ve promised myself to never head there on a weekend again, I don’t know. We ate at the Paris buffet, which I love because French food is divine. It was too windy for the water show at the Bellagio so we entertained ourselves by taking pictures.

Maddie and some strange woman (me)

Laura and “Sharkie” (I love that little snarlie nose thing she does when she really smiles.)


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