UFO Sighting

Are you tired of the guilt you feel each time you find a UFO (UnFinished Object)?? Take a stand and join the new CAL at CrochetvilleCrocheters Against UFO’s. Finish it or frog it, but it’s time for it to go! Thanks to Holly over at Crochetville for coming up with such a great CAL!!!

Rebecca’s button for the CAL

Donna’s button for the CAL

I just reduced my printed pattern collection down to two binders. I can definitele squeeze them into one, which I should do in the next two weeks. I’m packing them for storage, so it really shouldn’t matter if I have two right??? Okay, I’ve convinced myself to keep two. I’m bringing just a select amount of things with me to my mom’s while we stay with her this summer. I’ve got projects to finish before starting up anything else. Yeah right. Summer’s coming and I have tons of ideas of what to do with my three-week away free time.

One short story and then I’ll go. Someone cursed my pajama pants. I’ve hurt my right arm twice in the last month, both caused directly by my pants. The first time I tripped over the legs (they’re too long for me in my shortness) and slammed my forearm into my dresser. The bruise was horrible and just went away. Today I rammed my elbow into the door jam while reaching for my Herrschner’s catalog and it’s starting to hurt badly enough that I don’t want to type (not broken – I’m just a bruise wimp). They’re cursed I tell you!! They know who’s the boss though, leaving my left arm alone.


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