WIP Wednesday

As a way to get my buns rolling on this no UFO pledge, I’m going to attempt to list all of my WIP’s and UFO’s that I know are around here.

WIP List

Funky Doily/Pillow 20%
Summer Scarf for swap 10%
Rectangle Granny Ghan 50% (needs to be reshuffled to the UFO’s)
Patty K’s doily 30%
Bucket hat – 40% – I NEED this one soon!
Flip flops for Aunt – 40% – my computer desk project for tomorrow
Design project for Maddie

UFO List

Socks in Shoes socks – 90% done w/first sock – I found it while packing closet
Granny scarf – I may turn it into a purse
Bobble pillow – I’ve got to finish this!!
Moroccan Tile afghan – need to get back to work on it
Shawl for Mom – first must start over with larger hook
Green scarf – don’t remember who it’s for, but found it in closet – packed for move

I did finish a project though!! I made this star blanket for my cousin’s future little girl. The family baby shower is next weekend so I’m shipping it home for the party. I wish I could be there, but just thinking about it gives me flashbacks to my baby shower with the family. Talk about a madhouse! I’m the most quiet female in my family and I’m not that quiet. You get three of us together and you can’t hear yourself think so a gathering of 30-40 of us very strong, loud Texan women and you might as well be on the front row at a concert. Okay, here’s the blanket –


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