If you don’t hear much from me until the end of May, it’s because I’m hopelessly and unequivocally swamped. My packing is not coming along as fast as it should and I won’t even go into my two papers that are due. I’m drowning in research without a word written. I know I’ve been spending too much time crocheting, but it’s keeping me sane, it really is!

Since I don’t have any completed projects that I can discuss on here, I might as well do the next best thing and give my WIP list, being that it’s Wednesday. šŸ™‚

Funky Doily
I’ve actually made progress on this! I took it with me to school last Friday and worked on it during Chinatown in my first class. That movie was great until the ending. I expect happy endings too much, I guess because it was most definitely not one. My mom just redid her kitchen and used the very same colors as are in my doily. Darn her! She’s giving me her old dining room table and I think that doily would look great on it more than her new one, so for now, it will stay with me. She’s just lucky I bought enough yarn for two.

Summer Scarf
I hope to make significant progress on this this weekend. I love how it’s coming along!

Rectangle ghan
I know that this will be the first project I work on this summer, merely because I’ll be seeing the recipient every day and I know he’s anxious for it! Right now I’m about halfway done.

This is another project that has to wait until June. My mind is too befuddled to focus on the stitch pattern right now. I’ve got waves and waves of information floating in my head that needs to be put on paper!

I came across this amazing site the other day – www.nextstitch.com. I fell in love with her patterns, deciding only to buy the Sweet Pea shawl pattern for now. I’m waiting anxiously for the yarn to arrive! I’ll be using Classic Elite Flash in Cactus Blossom (or Cactus something… it’s beautiful!). I promise to keep to my pledge and frog down my UFO’s first…. maybe. šŸ™‚


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