Grand Slam Baby!!!!

I’m taking multi-tasking to a whole new level today. I’m finishing up a pattern to submit to Crochet me, watching the Astros and Cubs (Oswalt v. Prior), finishing up a quality assessment assignment for my Educational Psychology class, browsing Crochetville, and coordinating the packing of the girls’ games.

Whew, the assignment has been submitted. Now back to the fun stuff! I received my Classic Elite yarn in the mail and have started the Sweet Pea shawl for my mom for Mother’s Day. It’s a good thing I don’t have to mail it to her because she’ll be here the week after! I have an extra six days to complete it. I should be done before then. I love having a shawl start at the widest point because it’s only less work from there! I’ll post pictures of my progress in a few days when I have a few more rows worth showing.

We went to see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy yesterday. It was hilarious! I read one of the books sometime in grade school and loved it, but haven’t read the rest. I’m so glad we’re moving in the next few weeks because there are tons of movies coming out this summer that I want to see and we’ll have free babysitting. Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven looks amazing.


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