Made it over the hump

Whew! The hardest day of my college career has passed! I have a week to complete two take home exams and then I’m done. I can tell I pushed myself to the limit this week because I’ve got a nice and nasty cold now. Bleh! One exciting thing happened at school this week. I was going up to pick up my paper in my history class when the professor called me over. He asked me if I was a history major and I gave him the short version as to why I’m not. Basically, when I transferred to UNLV to finish my degree, I switched from history to social science studies because I could take most of my classes online. He then told me that I should consider graduate school in history and to contact him if I should decide to continue in school. He’s not just any professor either, he’s the current history department chair and a well-published author. I talked to Andy about it and will take the GRE this summer just to see where I stand.

This weekend our goal is to pack up as much as possible. We’re working on the girls’ room today and they’re not liking their precious belongings placed into boxes. I know how they feel because I’ve made a decision to pack up most of my yarn and only bring a certain amount with me to my mom’s house for the summer. I’ve got the box ready, but I just can’t bring myself to place all of that gorgeous yarn in a box!

I’ve been working on the Sweet Pea shawl for my mom for her Mother’s Day present. I initially started out using my Brittany hook, which works so much better with smooth cotton, but I can’t find it! I’m comforted by knowing that it’s got to show up this week as everything gets packed up. If it doesn’t, that means I can get another one right??? 😉

The girls are demanding that I get back to packing their room. May you all have wonderful weekends and splendid weeks!


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