I’m back!

First, I want to share a picture of me, Andy, my mom, and my brother at our graduation party. It was an overwhelmingly emotional day. I was fine at graduation until I saw the girls in the audience and I just started bawling. Laura was easy to find because she was wearing my mom’s beautiful crocheted shawl. Crocheted by me, of course! I’ll share pictures of her in it soon.

Tiff, Andy, and family

Apparently, I procrastinated more than I thought because my family freaked when they saw how little I had packed once they got into town. We did manage to get everything loaded into the moving van by 3:30 pm, which was an amazing accomplishment on the part of all of our family members. We’re now back in Texas! I wish we would have a huge rain storm because I need one. I want to sit inside, reading a book with the girls, and watching the rain fall. Oh, there’ll be a big black and white dog in there too. My mom’s dog, Hoover, has taken to the girls. He follows them around like a little puppy.

So… I’m extremely glad that I’ve kept myself away from a computer for the last week, but I won’t go into details. This is what I’ve been spending my time doing, which is far more rewarding –

That would be me that Maddie’s sitting on.

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