Winding Down

My poor picture taking skills were horribly evident when I downloaded my photos from California today. I have one. Well, I have photos from Universal Studios on another camera, but those were taken for the benefit of my husband (me & Jaws) and my daughters (Shrek), not me. I’ve been feeling the pull to go back to school so perhaps I’ll take a digital photography class to get my photography skills back in order.

I loved meeting everyone for the first time! Definitely check out Donna’s entry on the trip. She took excellent photographs and wrote so well about the trip.

Here’s my one photo, taken at the LYS we gals visited together one evening.

Searching…. found it!

I made this bookmark for my mom the other night while watching a movie. She would have liked a purple one, but I didn’t find my purple thread in my stash, but that’s easily remedied. (I was searching for the bookmark in order to take a quick pic of it. It was in my mom’s book of all places! ha!)

Now I leave you with a knock knock joke courtesy of Maddie –

Maddie: gock gock
Me: Who’s there?
Maddie: Scoo-ee Doo
Me: Scooby Doo who?
Maddie: Scoo-ee Scoo-ee Doo who!!!! ha ha ha!


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