Officially job hunting!

Even though I’m about a month behind schedule, I’m officially mailing out my first resume tomorrow. It’s a position with the City of Houston, so we shall see!

I’ve made my cousin two pair of fun fur flip flops and while she was staying with me this week, we picked up a new pair of flip flops because she wanted a new pair. I handed her a hook and the yarn, gave her a little instruction (she knows how to crochet so I was just helping her with the pattern), and sent her on her way. She did great! Here she is at work –

Laura finished up her week at the Michael’s craft camp. She had such a fun time! There were about 10 kids in her class and she received tons of compliments from the teachers. She leaves me befuddled. She’s normally a great kid and always such a sweetheart, but apparently, she only has so much sweetness in her because after coming home from her class she turned into a bear! Her reserves must have built back up because tonight before bed she was acting normal again. I made her a child’s version of my bucket hat pattern in Lily Sugar ‘N Cream and an I hook. Here she is modeling for me (pre-post-Michael’s snotty bratty behavior) –

I picked up my first afghan hook and have been teaching myself tunisian crochet. I started a basketweave dishcloth and my rather large pink aluminum hook has disappeared! It was on the coffee table before watching James and the Giant Peach and now it is gone! Good thing Hobby Lobby has crochet hooks 1/3 off. heh heh

Okay, one more photo before I get back to my film noir marathon on TCM. The girls were watching the rain. Rain fascinates them to no end.


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