Must go check on the Astros game. ahhh.. we’re winning.

Have you seen the latest issue of Crochet me? Of course you have! It’s fabulous and I just love Donna’s jute basket. I need at least one of those in my new gi-normous kitchen.

We have finally found a place of our own here. We sign the lease tomorrow and if we really like it, the owner is thinking of selling next year and we’re thinking of buying so it could be a perfect situation for us. We’re going to be living technically in Houston (my first time actually living in the city limits – suburban girl am I), but we’ll be in Clear Lake City, which is the home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. There’s also Clear Lake, but I haven’t discovered if it’s an actual lake or just a part of Galveston Bay. I’m leaning toward the Bay. Just to add more confusion, Galveston Bay is actually more of an estuary than a bay.

I’ve been teaching myself a new crochet technique – tunisian crochet. I’m currently working on this little ditty of a dishcloth –

I’m in love with this technique! I can’t wait to venture out to new stitches and create a few patterns.

The other big news in my life is that I got an ipod. It’s mine – Andy has to ask before using it because I don’t want an ipod full of Ryan Adams songs. Now, Ryan Adams is just fine, I just like a little variety in my music. :p


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