10 Reasons Why I Haven’t Been Crocheting

1. The joys and pains of finally moving into our own place and out of my parents has become overwhelming. Signing up for different services, deciding on what items will be coming with us to the new house is downright nervewracking and time consuming.

2. My queen munchkin Laura is starting kindergarten a week from today. We have registered her for school, done an analysis of her clothing to see what she can wear from her current wardrobe during the remaining warm months, shopped for new clothes, and purchased school supplies. Never again will I not buy the prepackaged stuff. Our new neighborhood Target is not adequately equipped for the area schools and I almost feel like it’s worth a complaint. Someone please share with me just where to find white paper lunch sacks.

3. Job searching is not fun. I’m not exactly searching any more because I’m registered with four area school districts to substitute teach for the year. Continues in #4.

4. I’ve started the process to enter the Alternative Certification program at UHCL. Why I’m excited to start school mere months after finishing my degree is a mystery to me. What is not exciting is having to pay graduate instead of undergraduate tuition.

5. The days are hot and humid and the water in my mom’s pool is cool and refreshing.

6. I’ve become fascinated with grilling on my mom’s Old Smokey. No more gas grill for me, baby! (Men aren’t allowed to touch ye Old Smokey that resides at my mom’s because they have a history of burning the tasty delectibles beyond recognition.)

7. On Demand is the best feature digital cable offers for a gal separated from her TiVo/DVR. I can watch movies when I want to watch them (after the girlies have snuggled into bed) instead of when they come on TV.

8. The yarn that I want to use I packed up before relocating from Vegas. The yarn that I don’t want to use is out in the garage in a plastic container.

9. I’m in the beginning process of designing something for my soon-to-be kindergartner for those cool school days. Think pink.

10. I am actually crocheting. I’m finishing up a super-secret project that looks simply awesome.

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