Na Trees

“Na” Trees

We were very excited to find out that our new home has a banana “forest” in the back corner!  See?

I had to point out to them the growing bananas, which I have since found out only grow on newer/younger banana trees. If you want to continue to have little green bananas, you have to cut back old growth in order to get new growth. Here’s a close up of our bananas –

We’ve also started our collection of plant life. My mom took the girls to the garden center and let them pick out a plant. Laura chose a Gold Star Esperanza and Maddie chose a nice bunch of daisies. We’ve also planted seeds hoping to have basil, chive, and zinnia seedlings soon.

I picked up the new FamilyCircle Easy Crochet and it’s fantastic! Besides the added bonus of having Crochet me and Crochetville mentioned, a few of my favorite pattern designers/websites were mentioned, Stitch Diva and NexStitch. I’m itching to try out a few of the felting patterns and the romantic capelet is very tempting. If you had to pick one pattern to be your first from the mag, what would it be???


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