I ordered the “Missa’s Clutch” kit a few days ago from Knit Pixie and it came in the mail today! I really should be heading to bed right now being that I have to get up and walk L to school in the morning, but I won’t be able to sleep tonight if I start working on it. Just feeling the Karabella yarn made me hunt down my hooks and place them next to my bed. They’re waiting for me, but I can’t draw myself away from the music videos! (see reference below) I also bought my first skein of recycled silk yarn. I’m thinking a little clutch or something of that sort. I’m working on building up a little supply of things that I can donate at L’s upcoming fall festival for the silent auction.

Non-crochet links

On an interesting note (and something that I should never have found), you can search for the health violations of local restaurants in Houston here. If I find a place that we eat at regularly listed, I’m going to cry. Not really. I will eventually forget about the site and life will go on as normal.

I’ve recently discovered Yahoo! Music’s music video feeds. I love rating videos for my own viewing pleasure. heh heh If I want to see a lot of country and classic rock videos combined with a little U2 for good measure, no one can stop me now.

If you haven’t visited yet, you really should. I get “A Chicken a Day” via Bloglines and I laugh out loud a lot.


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