Past time for an update

Things have been overwhelming around here lately, but we’re slowly getting our lives settled and back to normal. L was very sick Labor Day and we spent the day in the emergency room. She’s doing fine now, recovering from an infection, and has been making up missed school time. On her first day back at school she was stung by a bee and handled it like a trooper. I was working that day or else I would have truly panicked.

Speaking of work, I’ve started substitute teaching for a few area school districts. I started the alternative teaching certification program before my first assignment and I was terribly nervous. I wasn’t convinced that I should teach until after my first day (in a 7th grade class – shiver) and then I completely realized that this is what I want to do. Today and tomorrow I’m working in a secondary history class, which is just awesome. I’m hoping to take my certification exam in secondary history in a few months so any time spent teaching history just helps me get in extra exposure to the material.

I’ve started working on a new poncho design. Right now, it will be in a child size of about 5-8, but I hope to expand it larger soon after if there’s interest. I told Laura that I was making her a new poncho design and she pouted saying, “You’re not sending this one away are you??” I had to send my last design away for a super secret project and she was very disappointed. I’m making her a purse from Cool Crochet and I’ll make her a copy of the design in the leftover yarn, probably as a Christmas present.

Christmas presents… Has everyone started on presents that you just have to give away this year? I’ve started on a few, but their all rather labor intensive and if I don’t finish them, they will get them some time in the future.

Fingers crossed – the Astros are winning! We’ll move into first in the Wild Card if we win. Woohoo!


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