Did you really have to make my heart go pitter patter???

Congrats to my boys for winning the NL Wild Card for the second year in a row! I did witness several sloppy plays which I don’t want to see repeated Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday, okay?? I promise to wear all of my Astros gear on those days if you’ll just win! Right now it looks like Andy Petitte will be the starting pitcher for us on Wednesday. It’s exciting to see him play for the home team, especially because I grew up watching him play Little League in Deer Park with my older brother.

Astros celebrating their Wild Card win

The Astros celebrating their Wild Card win

On a crochet note, I’m working on finishing up a few items to donate to L’s school’s Fall Festival. I’ve got a scarf and a clutch finished so far and am going to try to finish another scarf in novelty yarn. After that I’ve been “ordered” to create a poncho for L so that it will be ready for when the cool weather arrives here in Houston. I’m almost finished with a capelet pattern for her which I’ll post on here as soon as I make another version with a different yarn to see how it looks.

Tomorrow I’m determined to take a picture of my poor banana trees. They took a whooping during Rita but they’re still standing although a little worse for wear. We lost one bunch of bananas but there are two more which should be ready soon for baking. I’m going to have a house full of banana bread in a few weeks!


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