Yelling for Six Hours Hurts Throat

I promise to have an entry tomorrow devoted entirely to crochet. You’re welcome to skip this one and wait for that one if you’d like. 🙂

Andy’s mom came for a visit Thursday. We were feeling guilty because last week my mom calls saying that her significant other, the lovely J, bought four tickets to the Astros/Braves NLDS game on Sunday.

Andy scoured eBay for tickets to Saturday’s game so that he could take his mom to that game and the four of us (me, him, Mom, and J) could go Sunday and his mom could babysit to relieve our guilt. Well, somehow he managed to buy two tickets to Sunday’s game instead of Saturday’s so the five of us were able to go along with my cousin J who had missed a few opportunities to go to games with us during the regular season.

The game started at noon so we woke up early after a late night, making it to MMP by 10 am, parking FREE no less. Heh. We found probably the last metered spot available near the park (it’s pay parking Monday through Saturday).

During the sixth inning I was beginning to feel discouraged by the 6-1 Braves lead, but I still yelled in support every time the count was in our favor or we made it on base just like the rest of the 43,000+ fans.

During our at-bat in the bottom of the 8th, my mom leaned over and said, “You know they’re all going to get on base so that Berkman can hit a grand slam.” Soon enough, Berkman came up to bat with the bases loaded and POW! The four of us (Mom, J, J, and me) jumped around along with the rest of the crowd (minus the 10 Braves fans in our section and the others scattered throughout the stadium).

One inning later, we were still down by one run with two outs and Brad Ausmus at the bat. At first I didn’t know it was a home run, I was just thrilled to see that it was a hit. Then I saw the second base umpire doing the home run signal and I squealed and danced again (along with the rest of the crowd). We’d tied the game with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, baby!

Kudos to the Braves fans who stayed at the game. I know what it’s like to watch your team in another’s domain but you were awesome. Your team played tremendously well and your time will come again in the future.

I knew after Wheeler came out to pitch that there was one man sitting out there waiting to be called in if needed, but I couldn’t tell who it was. My mom called my aunt (who was at home with the girls) and there was a rumor floating around on the TV channel that Clemens was in the bullpen warming up. I nabbed Andy’s binoculars and saw “22” on the jersey and giggled. Okay, maybe I “heh”‘ed with a grin. When he walked from the bullpen to the dugout and I saw that the pitcher’s position was due up to bat second I would have put money on Petitte pinch hitting, not Clemens, but there he was, putting down one of the best sacrifice bunts I’ve seen. After that, he pitched better in my opinion than he did Thursday night in Atlanta.

I can’t tell you how I would have reacted had Roger Clemens’ knocked out the walk-off homerun instead of Burke, but I wouldn’t have been surprised. He truly is an amazing man, but he’s just a part of a team which has always had my heart so I might be a little biased. You go Boys. I believe.


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