Easy Hoodie Progress

Do you ever look at the date of your last post and freak out because it’s been so long??

I’ve made progress on my Easy Hoodie. I’ve finished the back panel and the front panel, which seems too small to call it a panel, but I guess it’s basically what it is. Here’s a peak at the completed back panel –

I really love this pattern. I’m in the mood to finish it quickly because the weather is perfect right now for wearing it. It’s not really chilly, but it’s cool enough at night to make me want to wear a light jacket. I’d love to finish it over the weekend, but I’ll be at my family reunion and you never know how much time you’ll have to crochet while visiting. Here’s a link to where I’ll be – Lake LBJ. My dad has a lake house on the lake. I definitely won’t be bringing my bathing suit at this time of the year!

I attended my first ever World Series game last night. Many congrats to the Sox for such a great season. I’m very proud of the Astros for playing so well despite not winning. They are, and will always be, my favorite team.


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