My bum hurts worse than my foot

In a completely random and unbelievable move, I sprained/bruised my right foot at the zoo on Saturday. I was looking at the Okapi with the girls and stepped into a crack instead of flat ground while returning to the regular zoo path. My mom was ahead of me and was planning our route to the big cats (“kitties” to Maddie) and noticed that I wasn’t moving all that fast. I looked down at my foot and it was swelling fast so I left the girls with her, told her to continue the zoo visit, and headed for first aid. They recommended that I go to the emergency room so there I sat for four hours through x-rays and moans of pain from others around me while I waited for my not-so-cool shoe cast and wrapping. On top of this, I woke up hoarse and couldn’t talk to the doctors over a whisper. The best part is that I don’t have to clean my house for my 30th birthday party on Friday. The worst part is that I’m tired of sitting still! I’ve been up and around this evening and my foot is in pain because of it so it’s back to my chair – bleh.

I’ve only got the sleeves to finish for my easy hoodie! Woohoo! I want to wear it Friday if it’s cool enough. The weather that is, not my hoodie because it is plenty cool. heh heh


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