I knew he was smart!

This is terribly late, but Andy passed the Texas Bar on his first try! He gets sworn in and licensed next week in Austin. Way to go honey! Now get your butt away from the contract work and get a full-time job so that I can buy more yarn!!

I had a great thirtieth birthday/housewarming party over the weekend and didn’t take one stinking picture! I know my mom took a few of my girls, sister, and their friends trying to devour the cake before getting their own piece on a plate, so I need to beg for copies. I had a revelation while opening presents – not one, but all family members asked me when they should be expecting their own afghans crocheted by me. I’m a horrible gift crocheter. I’m terrified of making something that the receiver won’t like so I wait until I’m sure that they will love it. Having just moved back home, I’m slowly taking notes of their favorite colors, design styles and such so that I can make them an afghan which will be used and loved like every afghan should be. I know I won’t make it by this Christmas, but my goal for next Christmas is to start on the family afghans. I’m even going to create myself a little button and area here on the blog to keep up with my progress. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make them all by next Christmas but I can start.

I really want to make myself a felted tote this fall/winter. I can’t decide on which wool to use nor can I decide on a pattern. I love Deneen’s new pattern, I have all but one of Marlo’s felted patterns, plus I love the FCEC felted tote, I just don’t know which one to make! Too many decisions and so little cool weather.


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