Need self-control

Why oh why doesn’t my wonderful husband make me put down my book and go to bed at a semi-decent hour instead of letting me read until 3 am?? Okay, so he didn’t really have any control over it, but it’s easier to blame him than myself for my aching, tired body this morning. bleh

I’ve searched the internet for a boy’s/teen hat pattern which was simple, quick, and free and failed miserably. I shouldn’t bother even looking when I have a picture in my head of what I want. I should sit down with hook and yarn and get to work because I’m never going to find a pattern in the exact colorway and pattern that’s floating around in my head.

I haven’t decided if it’s worse to watch Blue’s Clues or Dora the Explorer in the early morning. I’m leaning towards Dora the Explorer being the evil one because it encourages kids to yell at the TV screen. Why can’t there be a show which encourages kids to let their moms brush their hair, particularly focusing on mopheads with wavy long hair who hide all of the brushes and combs first thing in the morning because they know what’s coming???

I really love the Savage Chickens blog. The mostly daily cartoons make me laugh like I haven’t since the days of The Far Side. Check out today’s entry – “Limited Time Only”.

Okay, I was just distracted by reading the blogs of others instead of posting my own newest post. It’s amazing how Bloglines can just suck you in like that.


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