Life returning to normal

Whew! Why is the week after Thanksgiving a doozy on one’s time?? I had so much to do that week that it knocked me off course until now.

I’ve got to finish my hoodie before Christmas. Must…work…on…it…tonight.

I’ve found myself addicted to sudoku puzzles. Tried them? Really, honestly don’t because you won’t finish your crocheting!! I tried to keep my puzzle book next to the bed and only work two puzzles a night, but I just found myself picking up the book and setting it down in front of me. Maybe I can sneak a few in before dinner…

My thoughts are elsewhere so this post is truly rambling. Now that my life is as normal as it can be right before the holidays, I’ll write more. Really.

I know why I was writing this post now! My daughter was one of two children chosen from her class (out of eight total) to be in a Gifted and Talented Enrichment class for Kindergartners next year (January – May). It will be an hour-long class each Friday morning. I was in the GT program as a child and if Andy had been from a larger school, he would have to judging by his academic career, so I’m not too surprised, but it’s still exciting news. 🙂


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