Christmas party overload

Here’s a breakdown of last weekend for me –

Laura attends a birthday party for a class friend in the mall (@ Club Libby Lu). Laura had a blast getting her makeover and I am still thanking my mom for keeping Maddie that night. Maddie + the mall on the last weekend before Christmas = one crazy Tiffany.

It’s the annual family Christmas gathering for my dad’s family. We’re there all afternoon into the evening, but it was worth it to see everyone again. I missed seeing the extended family while I was in Vegas. The scarf was a hit! It was stolen three times during the white elephant exchange. My stepmom also told everyone that I sell the scarves if they’re interested. heh heh. After the party, we went over to my mom’s where we played card games and snacked on chips and dips. mmm

We drove to my dad’s (an hour to the north of us) for the immediate family Christmas visit. My grandparents go to my Aunt’s in Nebraska for Christmas so we gathered early for a great meal and present exchange. This keeps Christmas Day free for no mad driving across the vast expanse of Houston for me, especially important being that I’m hosting Christmas this year for my mom’s family. The girls and their Aunt (she is older than the girls, but she’s petite) look quite bored waiting to open their gifts. It was their bright idea to draw numbers and let one person at a time open so we were not feeling their pain.

Ahhh. The weekend ends and where did today go? I spent the afternoon finishing my Christmas shopping. The stores are madhouses. Shame on me for waiting so long to shop for my daughters and husband! Now all I have to do is finish rehanging the ornaments on the tree (story for another day), clean the house, protect the cookies, rearrange the living room furniture for optimum visiting of 20 family members, wrap presents, grocery shop, attend Laura’s Christmas ballet recital & class party, do laundry, keep cookie fanatics out of the cookies, visit ex-stepdad’s family and mom’s house on Christmas Eve, bake a Dang Good Pie (it’s dang good), resupply my house with champagne (mimosas), wine (for wine table I really must show off sometime), and vodka (for me and my Aunt Mel) for Christmas party, host a Christmas Day party, and see King Kong on Christmas evening. Not too bad. 🙂


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