I should be studying heh heh

Andy and Laura are currently out seeing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. My brother S gave us the Harry Potter Scene It? game and they won’t play it with me until they’ve seen the newest one. I’ve got one up on them because I’ve read all the books and seen the movies, but perhaps I should be skimming over the first three movies while they’re gone so that I can beat them. heh heh. I’m actually having a blastright now watching Maddie play with one of her Christmas presents. We bought her the Read with Me! DVD and she’s reading and answering questions for “Where the Wild Things Are” right now. We’ve come to discover that the device is a large DVD remote and that it does work with other movies. We were trying to watch March of the Penguins last night and we didn’t discover that it was her making it restart several times until she giggled loudly. It’s asking her right now what kind of mischief does she make. Ha Ha. She and Max would get along quite well together.

Christmas Day went well. We had a nice morning with the girls and then enjoyed visiting with my family. We had everyone together except for my cousin’s husband, who is currently stationed in Iraq. I did get to talk to him on the phone and wish him well so that was awesome. The time delay on the phone was hard to get used to. Another of my cousins was able to visit for the day also. I’m proud of him for taking the initiative to get into a good program and hopefully be able to turn his life around. He was always my favorite cousin but had many things not go his way.

I’ll start out with the cutest of presents to enter our house. Hermit crabs! Their names are Hermie and Sally, named by their recipient, L. They are sleeping at the moment, but once the sun goes down they start moving around.

Miss Maddie was given a junior drum set by J, my mom’s significant other. We did have to give our consent before he purchased it. Andy plays the guitar regularly, Laura was given her own junior guitar this Christmas by J so that she can play with her dad, so we now have a mini-band. Maddie is playing pretty well, especially compared to what I’m capable of on the drums. LOL It’s in her room until I get the Christmas tree taken down tomorrow.


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