Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Tiffany

1…. I’ve lost 8 pounds since I quit worrying about losing weight and eating right.
2…. I really want to design more, but I find myself wanting to place my creative energies into writing again instead of crochet. I like blindly following patterns right now.
3…. I stayed up until 5 am this morning reading a trashy romance novel because the other book I’m reading gave me the heebie-jeebies.
4…. I’m terrified of failure because I’ve failed in the past.
5…. I’m craving strawberries right now so bad I might go to the store after I finish this.
6…. My favorite breakfast is a bowl of Frosted Flakes and a bowl of fruit, particularly strawberries.
7…. I eat popcorn almost every night around this time. I don’t like microwave popcorn anymore. I have to pop my own because it’s really, really good that way.
8…. Our garbage hasn’t been picked up in a week. There’s garbage everywhere in the neighborhood and it’s giving me images of what it would look like if we were ever in one of those disaster/living dead movies. Garbage piles up, particularly after Christmas.
9…. Ack. I’m thinking about dead people again. My brother-in-law gave us a book on dead people (see sidebar) and I can’t stop thinking about decomposition. You know those zombie movies? They’re not very realistic and that’s not a bad thing. No one would want to watch them if the bodies decomposed as bad as they do under the right circumstances.
10…. OMG. I’m listening to a song called Barbeque by Robert Earl Keen. It’s not helping with the dead people thoughts. Oh great. Now Miss Being Mrs. by Loretta Lynn. That’s about someone who’s dead also. ahh.. My Doorbell by the White Stripes. Much better. (I’m listening to my ipod.)
11…. One of my resolutions for the new year is to read more. I started early, does that mean that I’ll keep to it?
12…. Another resolution is to make afghans for my family this year. I told them all after I started crocheting that I’d make them one and they think they’ve waited long enough.
13…. I’ll end with a random anecdote. On the 4th of July, my aunt and I wanted to make a batch of strawberry daquiris at my mom’s house but we didn’t because the only bottle of rum we found had a price sticker of $45. We found out the next day that it was from Mexico and the price was in pesos. It turned out to be cheaper than the rum that we eventually found to use. I laugh every time I look at the bottle in her pantry.

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