Lego sheep are the cutest

One of the many activities that filled Laura’s birthday was Lego time. She loves to build with Legos, but she doesn’t seem to find as much time to sit and “design” because of school so she spent quality time with her Legos on her birthday. She came up with a sheep family. This picture is of her birthday cake, but you can see the sheep to the right. They wanted cake too.

You’ll find the mommy and daddy sheep sharing a house, two sisters with their own houses, and our cat with her own house. I really think they were after the homemade ice cream, not the cake, but that’s just my opinion.

I finished my scarf, looked at the extra yarn, and decided it needed a matching hat. I call it the Tootsie set because it looks like a Tootsie Roll wrapper. I wouldn’t normally choose the colors, but my cousin requested a hat from this color combination over Thanksgiving. She wanted it to match her new shoes of the same colors. I don’t do well in non-brimmed hats, but I’ll post a picture of me in it when I post the pattern, if anyone’s interested. For now, you get a pic of the set on my desk because it’s the only place Christmas decoration-free.


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