Divinely scarfing along

Currently listening to: Big Time by Big & Rich, Women’s Prison by Loretta Lynn, Numb (new mix) by U2

I made this scarf back many posts ago (here) for my family’s Christmas white elephant exchange. Well, it caught many of my cousins’ eyes and I’m now making a few similar ones to sell to one of those cousins to give to her friends for birthday gifts. Woohoo! I’m also working on building up a little stash of crocheted items for etsy.com to open up sometime soon.

My duvet cover should arrive tomorrow! My mom gave me a down comforter for Christmas and I picked out this gorgeous thing in Red. Of all things, Martha Stewart was somehow on my TV this morning and she was showing the best way to place a duvet cover over a comforter so I’m overly prepared for the process tomorrow.

I’ve found myself with a problem. I keep finding new and exciting Firefox extensions. My newest additions include a del.icio.us add-in (check out my wimpy, but ever-to-be-growing my.del.icio.us), gmail notifyier (just how do you spell that?? Is it even a word??), FoxyTunes (gives me extremely handly access to my itunes), StumbleUpon toolbar, and many cool extras in my search window (i.e. IMDB search for when I say to Andy, “He is so in Black Hawk Down. I shall prove it to you.” I truly cannot remember life without Firefox…until I use someone else’s computer.

My aunt and my uncle are going to Las Vegas in two weeks. Yes, I’m talking about you. Calling me daily for ideas of where to go, where to stay. Shame on you! Don’t you know that I’m just now missing that place?? Okay, I’m missing it just enough to want to go back for a visit, not to live there again. I want to stay at the Paris Las Vegas and not leave the hotel for the entire trip. I don’t want to gamble. I want to chill by the pool and eat crepes while watching the Bellagio water show from my room window.


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