Capelets and ponchos for winter spring-like January

Listening to: Southbound 35 by Pat Green, What’s on my Mind by Gary Allan,

As soon as I publish this post, I’m grabbing the Tudor Homespun yarn sitting in front of me, my P hook, and have a go at this pattern – Crochet version of julsey723’s capelet. After that, I’m going to have a go at one of Marlo’s new patterns. And after that, I’m going to …. try to knit. Maybe. I am determined to learn sometime this month. I can cast on like no other, but the knit stitch I’m just not happy with the looks of it on my needles.

Let’s say you bought this gorgeous variegated sport-weight yarn about a year ago from elann and you’ve decided not to make the skirt it was intended for. I want to make some sort of wearable – cardigan, shrug, top, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? If I choose the pattern you suggest, you might hear from me after I complete it. 😉


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