Crochet linkages

I started working on a poncho for myself last night, but became engrossed in a strange web of emotions as I watched an amazing football game last night. I’ve always been more of an Aggie fan instead of a Longhorn fan, but am technically a Runnin’ Rebel and not really a college football fan at all. First and foremost, I am a Texan so seeing UT win the NCAA National Championship in the last few minutes of the game was just… awesome. So… having not finished my poncho, I want to share with you a host of items which inspire me to crochet, design, and many which just make me drool with envy.

Whenever I make myself a shrug/bed jacket, this is what I want mine to look like. Make sure to chck out her other projects because they are just as beautiful and inspiring – Crochet gallery.

I think this jellyfish is just too cool for words. I would so make a school of them and place them around the house if I could get away with it..

I really, really want one of Elizabeth’s shawl kits, but I must wait for full-time job to be held by someone in this household. I’d ultimately like to treat myself to a kit once I get a true teaching position.

I’d make these for the girls….if they didn’t get a pair of flip flop slippers from my mom for Christmas!! My girls are flip flop fanatics, much like their mom.

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