Petite Pineapple Doily

This is where I would normally show you amazing photos of my blocking progress on the Petite Pineapple Doily I finished a few days ago, but no…. the batteries died in my camera. I’ll go battery shopping sometime today and promise a picture of the finished object tomorrow.

While searching for my blocking pins, I found half of my crochet hooks! They were packed away in a “I’m going to need these during the move box” and of course, it was just unpacked today. I’ve been searching for a P hook for days so that I could start on a capelet and I found three in the box. I knew I had more hooks than I could find around the house.

Just completely random – Don’t throw mice on burning leaves.

Can an A/C really keep a room cold enough to do this?

Finally, I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith’s movies. In fact, we watched Mallrats just two nights ago. There’s a teaser out for Clerks II. Woohoo!

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