Lori’s bored, we must help her.

Take this quiz, courtesy of Lori and make sure to let Lori know that you did it. She’s bored in the rainy northwest.

1. What is your all-time favorite scene in a movie?
The Stonehenge scene in This is Spinal Tap. I laugh so hard I cry every time.
2. What do you think is your cat thinking right now?
You can’t see me, but I am watching you. As soon as you get up out of my nap spot, I will sit in it and this time I will bite you when you try to move me.
3. What would be your cat’s all-time favorite scene in a movie?
Not sure here. She definitely prefers cat food commercials.
4. Of the following, where would you rather work? Drive-in movie theater or drive-in hamburger stand?
Drive-in movie theater.
5. What is the rudest you will ever admit to being? Do you feel justified in being rude?
I don’t know. I try not to be rude, but I know that I have been in the past and the guilt eats at me.
6. What is the nicest you will brag about being? What made you act so kind?
I can’t talk about it just in case the person I mention reads my blog. šŸ™‚
7. What was the last prayer of yours that was answered in your favor?
This may seem silly, but the last prayer I can remember answered was when I was sitting at an Astros playoff game. I sat there for a good thirty minutes telling God about how good our players were and how much they deserved to make it to the World Series just once. It seemed like a hopeless cause at the time, but they won the game (in 18 innings) and made it to the World Series.
8. How often do you think of the following: Your husband/SO? Your child(ren)? Your cat/dog? Food? Sex?
I think about Andy and the girls regularly. I wonder if Laura’s having a fun day at school, what Maddie is thinking about when she giggles for no reason, and I just like thinking about Andy. I think about Buffy at least once an hour, more if she draws my attention to her. Food? I think about it when my stomach growls. Sex? not telling šŸ™‚
9. Where would you like to be buried?
After reading “Stiff”, I’m not sure if I want to be buried, cremated, or given to science. I do know I want to donate my organs so I’ve probably ruled out science.
10. How naked have you ever been in public (not counting your childhood)?
I went through a spell one summer where I did flash my bra regularly. I was in summer school in college and it was one of the best summers of my life. Not because of the bra flashing thing. It was the friends who flashed their bras with me.
11. What do you do when you get very bored?
Very bored? Try to read every blog in the crochet blog rings. If that gets boring, I take a bubble bath and read a trashy romance novel.
12. How would you describe the color blue to someone who has never had sight?
My brain cannot answer this question tonight.
13. Why aren’t there any words that rhyme with purple?
Enter purple into this dictionary and be amazed.
14. Who was the last person to pay you a compliment? How did you respond?
mmm.. I don’t know the person’s name, but someone in the grocery store said I had a nice smile. I said thank you and smiled again.
15. How do you take your steak or hamburger?
I like my steak medium. Hamburger medium well.


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