Random Thoughts

I know that this post will lead to few, if any, comments, but that’s common around here lately, so if you’re interested, I’m sharing random thoughts and links tonight as I listen to the State of the Union address.

I’m growing tired of hiding behind bland posts about my crochet and my children (they’re not bland, the posts are). I feel that the true me has been stifled and not set free. If I truly love crochet like I say I do, then my posts should reflect more of that, yes? There should be more opinions expressed about what I see in crochet and I should include more critique of my own progress and growth as a crocheter and designer. I read my blog and I’m bored.

I look forward to the future of this blog – whip up – handcraft in a hectic world.

I’m going to buy Stich N Bitch just so that I can make the Punk Rock Backpack for Maddie. She’s my future punk rocker with her Hello Kitty room and drum set.

I really, really need this vintage ipod case. Really. Oh, I need the book contraption too. I have a love for old/vintage/rare books and this completely appeals to me.

Andy has passed this along from his law-themed blog trekking (boring, but loveable shark that he is). If you’d like to read about non-crafty trademark infringement, read this.

Since we’re both looking for jobs in this household, how appropriate that we can find out what job we might be good at based upon the ‘Lost’ character we identify with here. Andy says he identifies best with Hurley. I lean towards the quiet psychologist tailie, but she’s not a choice. That could be why I can’t find a full-time job! LOL

On a final note, if you are walking along in a neighborhood please do not (a) wear dark clothing at 10 pm at night in a dimly lit neighborhood or (b) walk in the street instead of on the sidewalk. But if you just can’t help yourself with those two, please never ever do this – When you see a large truck turning into the driveway you are about to cross, don’t stop but run from the street into the driveway where the truck happens to be heading to try to get past the one ton machine and then give the driver a dirty look after you came inches from being pinged.

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