Olympic Doily

First off, I have some good news – I’m starting a new job next week! I’m working for an engineering firm that does testing related to the durability of concrete and asphalt and the like. It’s definitely not in my field, but it’s a wonderful position to pay the bills until the fall when I should be starting in a teaching position.

I want to show off my Olympic progress, but instead of posting the image, I’m providing the link. That means if you know about a mystery doily with your name on it, don’t peek!! Olympic doily progress. I’m on Row 17 of 28. I hope to get a few rows in before bedtime tonight. I’m pretty confident that I will finish it before the closing ceremonies.

I went to the library today to start the research process for my paper for my class. I’m focusing on Rwanda and the UN/US inaction during the genocide of 1994. Oh, and then I printed off tons of nonclassified documents from April of 1994 about Rwanda. I had to cut and paste a few because four page documents had these crazy black boxes all over them and only one paragraph of information. it’s really crazy to read stuff that has CLASSIFIED stamped all over it and then DECLASSIFIED stamped over that.

If you’ve never heard of Rwanda (don’t tell me that you haven’t heard of it because the teacher in me will develop an ulcer), go here and find out when PBS’ next showing of Ghosts of Rwanda will be or find out if your library has a copy.


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