Boots are NOT made for walking

Never, ever, ever wear cowboy boots, even if they’re your favorite and you’ve owned them for 12 years, to an all day excursion to the rodeo. Never. Ever. My feet are still killing me!

A quick post because it’s past my bedtime. I’ve been working on a few projects during lunch to try to catch up. The girls are at my grandparents for the week so Andy and I went to see 16 Blocks. I love Bruce Willis and Mos Def is becoming a favorite actor of mine also. Excellent movie – go see it. 🙂

Okay, back to the rodeo. We went to the Houston Rodeo, which is a ginormous event here. I went last Monday also, but didn’t take any pictures. The performers that night were Robert Earl Keen and Cross Canadian Ragweed and they both rocked. Anyway, Saturday we saw Lee Ann Womack after another great rodeo and a very long trip through the livestock show. We saw a milking demonstration during which Maddie drooled and begged for her own cow. This cow was in the middle of producing up to 10 gallons of milk while we were watching.

We then found a Jersey cow resting nearby. Her name was Laura so Laura (and Maddie, who’s trying to figure out how to get in there and get milk) posed for a quick photo. Maddie was saying the whole time during the photo, “Mom? Can we have cow peeease??”

Here’s a very exciting photo (not really) from our seats. If you look closely at the monitor, I took this during one of the bull rides. The bull won a second or so later and then taunted the rodeo clowns a bit before prancing back into the corral.

Okay, it’s past my bedtime. I’ve got eight more rows to go on the mystery doily and then I can send it off to its recipient. 🙂


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