Crochet theft on the rise

Note to the jerk who broke into my truck tonight while I was at dinner with my husband:

I hope you enjoy a mostly-finished baby blanket for my new niece, my Brittany crochet hook, and my Chibi needles. I bet you’re happy that you have a bunch of acrylic yarn and not one penny huh? Next time, open the ginormous “purse” before stealing it. The kids cowboy hat in the backseat is worth more, not to mention the car seat it was sitting in.

God does have a sense of humor. Can you imagine some poor fool all happy from breaking into a truck and getting a suede needlework bag that looks like a purse only to find it full of yarn? Take that, stupid thief.

The truck is fine, it just needs a little bondo work to fix the hole next to the keyhole the thief made while popping the lock. I’m much more angry at my husband for leaving me to walk to my car alone at night while he drove home in his car. I doubt he’ll do it again.

It looks like I get to pick up that gorgeous clear blue Chibi I’ve had my eyes on at Hobby Lobby. Oh yeah. It’ll make me feel better about my poor bag and goodies that are probably in someone’s garbage.


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