ahhh.. relief

My class is over! I’m taking a break from continuing my education until the rest of my life can return to normal. Now, in case you’ve wondered where I’ve been, here’s a quick review. 🙂

Our landlord put our house on the market six months before our lease was up. Andy sat down with him and drew up an agreement that no matter when the house sold, we would be able to remain in the house until the end of May to coincide with the end of school. The house sold the first weekend on the market and we went ahead and started looking for a new home. We moved a month early, mostly because we found a great place that was available at that time. We’re moved in and there’s only half a garage and two bedrooms left to unpack! The girls’ bedroom is on the plate for this weekend so that they can get their girlie stuff out and displayed.

My crochet stash has not been unpacked. I want to, but since I haven’t had time to even look at any unfinished projects I’ve left them in their storage boxes. Next Monday, in honor of having that evening free with no class, I’m going to unpack it all and organize (i.e. start organizing and then throw it all into a basket because hours will have passed and nothing’s accomplished).

Maddie decided to scare us and leave me walking around in a daze until this past Tuesday. My aunt kept her about a month ago and noticed that she had a growth on the floor of her mouth. It was about the size of a marble at that time. We took her to a pediatric dentist who diagnosed it as a “ranula” and sent us to an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon agreed that it was most like a ranula and should be removed, but they would do a biopsy to rule out mouth cancer (this is where I went from being okay with everything to freaking out to being just here. We had to take her to her pediatrician for a history and physical before he would perform surgery. The pediatrician says everything is fine but then tells us that she has a benign heart murmer that she’ll keep an eye on. Gah. Anyway, Maddie’s surgery was Tuesday and the mass plus the salivary gland causing the mass are now gone. The little snot is happily running around the house like the banshee she is and shows no sign of having been in the hospital just days ago.

Maddie pre-op

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Maddie post-op

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I’ve brought the mystery doily to work in order to finish for Julie. I received hers in the mail and as soon as I find the box where I carefully packed it, I’ll show it off!


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